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Vitamin D and diabetes how are they related What effect can this disease have?

Vitamin D, popularly known as The “sunshine vitamin” plays an important role in maintaining your bone health, cholesterol and blood pressure. Scientists have discovered the important effect that vitamin D has on insulin and glucose. and can be linked to many endocrine diseases especially type 2 diabetes. How does Vitamin D and Diabetes work? We have some information for you in this article.

What is Vitamin D?
Vitamin D (Vitamin D) is a fat-soluble vitamin. which you can absorb from food or produced by your body. if you get sunlight When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet B light, your body converts cholesterol into vitamin D. Scientists have discovered that Vitamin D protein receptors It is packed into all cells and tissues.

Absorbing too much vitamin D is unhealthy. but vitamin D deficiency It can lead to many health problems. as mentioned above on the link between vitamin D and type 2 diabetes. This explains why the number of people with type 2 diabetes in European countries is higher than other types. due to vitamin D deficiency That is the result of many factors and one of them is not getting enough sunlight.

Where can I get vitamin D?
You can stimulate your body to produce more vitamin D. It does this by exposing the body to sunlight for 15-20 minutes a day. However, exposure to sunlight does not have a significant impact on the body's vitamin D production for some people.

Therefore, some people may choose to consume vitamin D supplements instead. food consumption It is one of the useful alternatives. Although less effective than the first two methods, you can add more vitamin D-rich foods such as eggs, dairy products, fatty fish, tofu.

Vitamin D and diabetes how are they related
Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. with the efficacy of vitamin D The body can develop a response to insulin. This reduces the risk of insulin resistance. It is also believed that vitamin D helps regulate insulin production in the pancreas.

The right level of vitamin D It should be between 20-56 nanograms per milliliter. if the level is less than 20 nanograms per milliliter You may suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

however Scientists have just discovered that When the amount of vitamin D in the body rises to 60-80 nanograms per milliliter. Will be able to control the level of glucose in the blood. which is important information for diabetics

Other Benefits of Vitamin D

- Weight loss, many studies have revealed that The good benefits of vitamin D It can help reduce parathyroid hormone levels. can promote long-term weight loss and reduce the risk of obesity which is an important risk factor for type 2 diabetes

- Vitamin D will strengthen and strengthen bone health. With the absorption of phosphorus, calcium and minerals, it leads to good bone health.


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