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food destroys sexual desire that men should avoid before entering the arena of love

Libido deficiency or decreased sexual desire It can be caused by a number of reasons, including hormonal influences, mental health, environment, stress, substance abuse, smoking, among other factors that can impair your sexual desire. And satisfaction in sexual activities, especially in men, is food, so we would like to suggest that if young men want to be fit. before entering the arena of love In addition to avoiding the factors mentioned above should be avoided Food destroys these sex drives.

food destroys sexual desire

dairy products
Ice cream and cheese are dairy products that many youngsters may enjoy. But experts say The lactic acid in milk may lower the level of sexual desire in men. In addition, products derived from cow's milk are full of synthetic hormones. If you eat a lot It can cause the body to stop producing hormones naturally by the body. However, calcium is very beneficial for sexual health. Milk is very good for your sexual health. Young men should supplement their calcium with other calcium-rich foods such as sesame seeds, chia seeds, salmon, sardines, almonds, green leafy vegetables.

trans fat
Trans fat foods such as fried foods, bakery items, donuts, cakes, cookies, creamer, and sweetened condensed milk are among the foods that young men should avoid if they do not want to have trouble in the arena. This is because foods containing trans fats can reduce a man's libido. It also causes abnormal sperm production in men. It can also cause other diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure. cerebrovascular disease You can also ask.

The caffeine in coffee helps you feel energetic and energetic, so it may help you play love songs in bed for longer. But coffee isn't for every guy, because if you're a caffeine-sensitive person. should not drink coffee Because in addition to making your heart beat irregularly, anxious, anxious, it can also cause a decrease in sex drive, so any guy who is addicted to coffee or caffeine. Should try to abstain from caffeine. Because in addition to it may help you to be more amazed. It also improves overall health.

Many young people may not believe that. Chocolate can become a destructive food for your sex drive. Experts say Although substances anandamide (anandamide) and phenyl ethylamine. The phenylethylamine in chocolate releases endorphins that make you feel euphoric. But chocolate can cause testosterone. which is an important testosterone to be reduced

alcoholic beverages
Young people who are drinkers should be careful. to drink alcohol If you don't want to have problems in bed Because alcohol is one of the causes of lower testosterone in men. It also affects sexual health as well.

Diet Soft Drinks
Diet Soft Drinks It is another food that destroys sexual desire. The cause of the problem is sugar substitute It's in the diet soda itself. Because sweeteners instead of sugar In particular, aspartame affects serotonin levels in the body. which is involved in the regulation of brain cells involved in sexual desire Therefore, if young people I don't want to have sexual health problems. It should be avoided diet sodas.

If you try to stop eating to destroy the aforementioned sex drive. But your sexual health problems have not improved, you should consult a medical professional immediately.


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