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appetite It's something that many people believe is related. with malnutrition in the body But the researchers found no evidence. to confirm this belief Many people believe that appetite is just an excuse. only to eat the food that they like So what is the truth about this appetite? Follow us to find out at the same time.

appetite What is it and what does it mean?
The research revealed that A region in the brain known as the insula, hippocampus, and caudate plays a key role in inducing appetite. When the food you eat lacks certain nutrients, such as vitamin B12 or calcium, while those with stress tend to need sweets. Other researchers believe that chocolate and other high-calorie foods increases the release of endorphins in the brain. These brain chemicals stimulate happiness. which improves mood That's why many people eat this type of food. to make you feel better

Appetite can be caused by a number of reasons. If you're craving chocolate It's possible that your body is deficient in magnesium. Low levels of various chemicals such as chromium, tryptophan, sulfur, carbon and phosphorus. may cause sugar cravings If the body does not have enough nitrogen. There may be a craving for bread and cereal. If you want to eat foods that are high in fat. This may be because the body's calcium content is low.

appetite Is it different for pregnant mothers?
It is normal to find Expectant mothers often have a specific appetite for certain foods. during morning sickness which the appetite of the pregnant mother Can be divided into two types:

general appetite
pregnant woman often have symptoms of wanting to eat certain foods Commonly, such as

- Milk, chocolate or ice cream
- Various sweets
- Fruits such as strawberries, grapefruits, mangos and pineapples.
- Spicy, salty, or sour food

Appetite due to Pica disease
This is a symptom of some pregnant women. that may not have symptoms of wanting to eat anything but instead wants to eat something that is not food, for example

- ice
- dust or mud
- soap or detergent
- colored sheets or ashes
- cloth or paper
- Coffee grounds or corn starch

How to deal with appetite
appetite It might sound funny and cute. But this symptom is considered unhealthy. especially with pregnant women Because eating food that is not useful May affect the health of the unborn baby, so you should reduce the appetite that occurs. which is not easy

The good news about appetite suppressants is that eating in moderation You can eat whatever you want. whether it is chocolate French fries or ice cream But should not eat too much. Because it may cause addiction in the long term. Therefore, you should eat wholesome and wholesome foods. Try to eat a healthy breakfast. And maybe eat your favorite food afterwards.

If you want to eat dessert You need to clean your teeth and gums well after eating. After all, your appetite will go away if you find out what your body really needs. and choose food to suit the needs of the body to obtain complete nutrition and far from the disease that comes from the consumption of food by mouth important and common such as obesity, diabetes

However, for those who are pregnant with symptoms of Pika The above methods may not work. If you want to eat weird things You should see a doctor immediately. Because what you want to eat can be dangerous. and may cause fetal death if ingested. Therefore, you should consult your doctor regularly to observe yourself. and prevent the appetite of pregnant mothers due to Pica disease as well

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